Welcome to the Connecticut Veterans Chamber of Commerce!

Our nation has more than 21 million veterans; Connecticut has 1% of the nation’s veteran population, more than 216,000. There are more than 42,000 veteran-owned businesses, which account for 8% of the state’s GDP. Connecticut has one of the best Veteran-to-Business-Owner ratios in the country at about 1 veteran-owned business for every 5 veterans. In late 2013, the separate voices asking for support, training, education, and advocacy in the veteran business community, and the dynamic needs of veterans transitioning to the workforce came together to build a veteran-centric business community.
As the CT Vets Chamber continues to evolve and grow, we will be taking direction from our membership and adding valuable training and professional development opportunities. We invite you to be a part of this growing community and a movement to create sustainable economic opportunity for veterans in Connecticut and across the country.
Our goal is to develop a strong unified community that resembled what we experienced in the military. The Connecticut Veterans Chamber of Commerce brings the veteran and civilian communities together to promote economic growth and development and reduce barriers to business and workforce entry.